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Albertsons Doublers February 28, 2010

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Don’t forget to grab your doublers out of the flyer in today’s paper. I almost screamed when I saw they were good for a full week! Leave a comment & tell us what bargains you got.


Fred Meyer Prevacid 24HR Deal

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If you didn’t print out your Rite Aid Video Values Prevacid coupon, don’t fret…you can still get a great deal (possibly free?) on Prevacid 24 Hr at Fred Meyer.

I’m not sure what Freddy’s charges for Prevacid 24Hr, but my guess is they are the same as the other stores, so we’ll go with that assumption. That would mean you could get the 14 count box for $11.99, use the $6 off Fred Meyer eCoupon, pay $5.99 & then submit for the rebate & get this free. There’s also a $10 Fred Meyer eCoupon if you want to save on a larger box.

It’s worth repeating that even if you don’t need this, if you can get it free (& not be strapped while you wait for the rebated to come back), it would be a great way to donate something for those less fortunate & not cost you anything.


Entertainment Weekly $10/1 Year

Filed under: Amazon — Heather @ 8:19 pm

This is an insanely cheap deal on Entertainment Weekly. Amazon has a one year subscription for only $10, which works out to be about 19 cents an issue!

Thanks to Smart Couponing for this screamin’ deal.


Free Nabisco Cookies

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Update:  The promo is live now, so go print your coupon!

If you’re on Facebook, become a fan of Nabisco Cookies, & then log on early tomorrow!  There are a limited number of coupons that will be sent out from their Fan page for a free box of cookies when you buy another box of Nabisco cookies & 1 gallon of milk.  I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of free cookies?


My 65 cent Rite Aid Score

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UPDATE: I was reviewing my receipt & realized I was charged too much for the Blistex I purchased, so I went back to Rite Aid. I have no idea what the manager did, but I do know that after the return & repurchase, I was credited $1.81 back. That means my acutal net OOP was only 65 cents for all of that (after coupons & rebate)! Holy cow….I didn’t even pay the entire sales tax.

I’m telling you, if you aren’t using coupons, you’re paying too much!

I did awesome at Rite Aid today! I got all the stuff you see pictured for $8.46, but will submit for a 1/2 purchase price rebate for the Prevacid & receive $6 back, making my OOP $2.46. Essentially I only paid for the tax, since my original subtotal was $22.18! That’s a savings of 89%….not too shabby.


Free Prevacid 24 Hour at Rite Aid

Filed under: Coupons,Freebies,Rebates,Rite Aid — Heather @ 2:44 pm

Wanna score a 14 count box of Prevacid 24 Hour for free? Here’s how:

Go join Rite Aid’s Video Values program & watch the video on Prevacid 24 Hour. Note: This coupon will NOT be there after 2/28 so do this today! Print out the $6 off coupon you get by watching the video.

Buy the 14 count box for $11.99 (online price; this may vary in store) – $6 off coupon & pay $5.99. Then cut out the rebate form from the last page of the Parade section from today’s paper & submit to get 50% of the price of the product back in the form of a rebate. You should get back $6 from Prevacid, making this a freebie!

Remember, you need to watch the video today & get today’s paper for the rebate (or score one from a neighbor who gets the paper). If you don’t suffer from heartburn, donate the item to your local food bank; they are always looking for over the counter drugs & toiletries.

Thanks to my buddy Janelle for giving me a head’s up about the rebate form!


Rite Aid Video Values Explained

Filed under: Coupons,Rite Aid — Heather @ 1:29 pm

If you’re  not familiar with Rite Aid, you may be missing out on an awesome program that they offer.  It’s called the Video Values program & it’s ridiculously easy to earn Rite Aid coupons. 

All you need to do is create an account & watch videos to earn coupons & credits. The coupons are manufacturer coupons that are for the video you just watched. For instance, you might watch a 30 second video for Clorox bleach & earn a coupon for Clorox. Easy! Also, each video has a credit value & once you hit 20 credits, you earn a $5 off any $20 purchase coupon from Rite Aid.

I can hear it now:  You’re thinking “That’s great, Heather, but how long does it take to watch them?”  Not long at all!  Most of the videos are less than a minute.  I usually watch them (& I’ll admit….I never really pay attention to them!) when I’m going through my mail, sorting bills to pay, etc. 

If you don’t really care about the specific products featured & simply want the $5 off $20 coupon, my advice is to click on the videos with the higher credit amounts & earn that coupon faster.  Really, you should be able to earn the $5 off $20 coupon in less than 10 minutes; my guess is closer to 5.

Sign up here to start participating in Video Values.  It’s a great way to score some deals at Rite Aid & stretch a buck!