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February 22, 2011

Filed under: Amazon,Freebies — Heather @ 12:33 pm

If you have an Amazon Prime membership like I do, you know how awesome it is. (If you don’t, sign up for Amazon Mom & get a free 3 month Amazon Prime membership.) I really, really, really love Amazon Prime.

 Today Amazon announced that Amazon Prime memberships come with a new feature:  unlimited instant streaming of movies & TV shows.  You can instantly watch them on your PC, Mac, or Internet connected TV’s, Blu Ray players, or set top boxes.

I wish it streamed over the Wii like Netflix, because then I could take advantage of this offer. I suppose I could watch on my PC, but that’s not much fun. However, I suppose using a laptop in bed would work if you don’t have a compatible TV or other device!

Regardless, this is an excellent additional benefit to Amazon Prime. Thanks so much, Amazon!


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