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Huge Seventh Generation Diaper Sale January 16, 2011

Filed under: Amazon,Coupons,Eco Friendly — Heather @ 3:21 pm

Amazon has a smokin’ deal on Seventh Generation diapers right now. The prices are better per diaper than Costco’s prices!

Right now you can get 120 size 4 Seventh Generation diapers for $35.87. Join Amazon Mom however & get 30% off when you use Subscribe & Save (& get free 2 day shipping on all purchases for 3 months). This price is the same as Costco.
Here’s where it gets really good: If you have a 20% off any Amazon diaper purchase from Parents magazine (several other magazines reportedly have the coupon in them as well), you can use that & save an additional 20% off. Your price would drop down to $20.09 or just 17 cents per diaper….shipped directly to you!
This is a fantastic price on any diapers, let alone chlorine free ones. I gave a case of Seventh Generation diapers to a friend of mine a few months ago at her baby shower, & she called me last week to tell me they were the best diapers she has ever used. Order some now at this great price & try them out.

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