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Start Swagging Now for Next Christmas! December 31, 2010

Filed under: Amazon,Freebies,Swagbucks — Heather @ 10:11 am

The end of the holiday season is here…along with the end 2010. If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Why? Because you have the entire year ahead of you to earn Swagbucks!

Imagine that all of your presents for next December were free. Yes, free. If you start saving your Swagbucks now, that could be a reality. I know several people that experienced that this Christmas (or at least, the majority of their presents were free). How would your family benefit from that financial relief? Personally, I used over $160 in Amazon gift cards this past year (not all at Christmas) & still have enough Swagbucks for $60 more.

You’re probably asking “What’s the catch?” I can honestly tell you, there isn’t one. You create an account, use the search engine as usual, & earn Swagbucks (there are other ways to earn them as well, but searching the web is the main way). You then convert your Swagbucks into gift cards, prizes. etc. There is no annoying spam, no hoops to jump through….it really is that easy.

If you want to reduce your budget for 2011, sign up for Swagbucks. You can buy virtually anything from Amazon, so get your stuff free using gift cards that you earned at Swagbucks. If you’re going to be searching online anyway, why not get rewarded for doing so?


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