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$50 in Organic Kids Clothes Just $22 December 16, 2010

Filed under: Eco Friendly,Organic — Heather @ 10:34 am

Eversave has another great deal on organic cotton clothing. Purchase a $50 voucher for ScoutCollection for $22 when you use the code: TOYS at checkout.

ScoutCollection is based in Oakland, CA. The clothing is made from organic cotton & fair trade manufactured. Sizes go up to 7/8. Orders of $50 or more also get free shipping, so you won’t have to pay for shipping when you use your voucher (because your order will be $50 or more).

Let’s talk conventional cotton. Here are a few facts about how conventional cotton is farmed:

  • $2 billion worth of chemicals are sprayed on the global cotton crop annually.
  • Almost half of those chemicals are toxic enough to be classified as “hazardous” by the World Health Organization.
  • Cotton is responsible for the release of 16% of global insecticides; more than any other crop.
  • Cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land, yet it accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market & 11% of the global sales of pesticides.
  • Aldicarb, the second best selling pesticide for cotton production, can kill a human with one drop absorbed through the skin, yet it is used in 25 countries, including the US, where 16 states have reported it in their groundwater.
  • Processing cotton uses many chemicals including silicone waxes, ammonia, formaldehyde & chlorine dioxide.

Those facts are why I believe organic cotton is so important. However, it can be hard to find & usually costs significantly more than conventional cotton. So I’m excited to see this ScoutCollection Eversave deal!

Lastly, 5% of Save proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots. What are you waiting for? Purchase your ScoutCollection voucher now!


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