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$100 in Groceries $50 from AmazonFresh December 7, 2010

Filed under: Amazon — Heather @ 8:58 am

UPDATE: Use code: HOLIDAY3 if this is your first Mamapedia purchase & save $3! Thanks, Susan.
Mamapedia has been offering some great deals lately! Right now you can purchase a voucher for $100 worth of groceries from AmazonFresh for only $50. AmazonFresh delivers non perishable items like pasta, canned goods, etc. but they also deliver perishable items like produce, meat, fish, etc. It’s like having a concierge do your shopping for you. And with this deal, it’s half off!

Before purchasing your voucher, you must check your address to ensure you are within AmazonFresh’s delivery area.

As always with Mamapedia, 5$ of your purchase price goes to a school of your choice. My daughter’s elementary is on the list, so I’m sure you’ll find your school as well. If not, select one in your area & consider it your good deed for the day!

This deal is live for 4 days & you have until 6/10/11 to redeem it (it must be used in one order, as well). Purchase your AmazonFresh voucher here.


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