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HOT: Kindle $89 on Friday 9am PST November 24, 2010

Filed under: Amazon — Heather @ 8:30 am

If you’ve been considering an eReader but haven’t purchased yet because of the price, listen up! Friday morning at 9am PST, Amazon will be selling the 3G Kindle (the previous model; this one doesn’t have WiFi) for only $89! I have no idea how many of these they have, but my guess is they will sell quickly, so if you want one, log on a few minutes before 9am PST.

I’m wondering: Is it OK to give an older model as a gift? Or is that tacky? Certain people (like my parents) wouldn’t know the difference, so maybe it depends on the recipient. Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this.

Also, if you prefer the Nook,  it is a doorbuster item on Friday morning at Best Buy for $99.


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