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Target Shoppers: Check Your Receipts August 24, 2010

Filed under: Coupons,Target — Heather @ 9:49 pm

Today on the BMIM Facebook wall, Erika, a reader, asked me if I had heard about Target not giving the full value of a MQ when it required you purchase more than 1 item to redeem it (in her case, a $2/2 MQ). I was stunned that she didn’t get the full amount off automatically & that she had to ask a manager to override the beep. She bought both items, so the $2 should have come off no questions.

Well, then I read this. It appears Target has changed their computer system in regards to redeeming coupons & this problem is now common place with couponers across the nation. Why on earth they would only give people partial value on a coupon when they will receive the full amount is beyond me.

Something stinks like yesterday’s diapers about this. I certainly hope Target corrects the error, but in the meantime check your receipts! Make sure you get the full value of your coupons & if you need to, get a manager involved. My guess is that heading into the holiday season, Target will want to keep business, not drive it away, so this will be resolved. One can only hope!


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